"With (Julie's) guidance, we doubled our goal! I can't emphasize enough the relief I felt when she came in and directed our efforts.
(She) is professional, intelligent, strategic, and a joy to work with."

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Being a non-profit leader can fill even the most confident person with dread. 

I GET IT. I've been there.​


I was a director of development and, later, an executive director for a mid-size regional non-profit. I understand being overwhelmed and understaffed. I understand trying

to be great at everything and feeling like you are succeeding at nothing.


But working through challenges and growth doesn't have to be painful and

you don't have to do it alone.  I'm here to help build your strategies,

build your fundraising, and build on your successes. Let's do this.



Do you need guidance making it rain for world change? I'm here to help! From sophisticated, multi-faceted development programs to robust, integrated fundraising campaigns, I've done it all and want to share what works with you. To find out more, get in touch.


Whether you need donor-centric appeals or targeted digital messaging, I craft text that's authentic, heart-warming and uniquely mission-driven. Book an introductory meeting to learn  how I can make your organization thrive and create donor love through the power of words.


New Executive Director? Or is your organization growing and you don't know where to move first? I'd love to work with your non-profit as it expands its mission to create a solid foundation  based on best practices. Contact me to see how I can help!