What People Are Saying.

  • Creator and presenter for webinar on "Increasing Donations via Donor Relations," 2022

  • Co-presenter for webinar "Hiring a Consultant' with Rachel Muir, 2021

  • Co-presenter for webinar "Never Waste a Crisis" with Rachel Muir, 2020

  • Featured in Donor Care book by John Haydon for donor stewardship best practices, 2020

  • Featured in What Your Donors Want book by Tom Ahern for best practices, 2017

  • Featured expert in two webinars on fundraising response to COVID-19, 2019

  • Featured in webinars, virtual workshops, and other trainings as an example of best practices by national non-profit experts such as Rachel Muir, Tom Ahern,  and Pamela Grow


  • "... indispensable. With her guidance, we doubled our end of year goal! I can't emphasize enough the relief I felt when she came in and directed our year end efforts. (She) is professional, intelligent, strategic, and a joy to work with." ~ Lysne Tait, Executive Director, Helping Women Period

  • ". . . an expert at increasing donations and finding ways to engage potential donors on social media. Any charity using social media as an outreach platform should contact Julie while she still has availability. It’s easily one of the best investments you'll make to support your charity’s mission." ~ Richard Villasana, Founder, Forever Homes for Foster Kids

  • ". . . smart, attentive, and organized. We doubled our year-end goals, and that would not have happened without Julie's help. She has a great working knowledge of campaigns, social media, donor collateral, etc. I'm at a small nonprofit and her questions alone helped me get my head around strategy for fundraising." ~ Allison Augustyn, Executive Director,  InvestigateWest

  • "... a proven superstar fundraiser, someone who knows stewardship and donor-love inside and out, and who knows how to build a... well-oiled fundraising program." ~ Tom Ahern, Nonprofit Consultant

  • "... is a smart, savvy fundraiser and marketer. Her drive and constant pursuit to learn and improve puts her in the upper echelon of fundraising professionals." ~ Craig DePole, President, Newport One

  • "... is a brilliant nonprofit leader, communicator, and fundraiser. I’ve seen her not only develop fundraising and integrated marketing strategies, I’ve witnessed her skyrocket the fundraising revenue." ~ Julie Cooper, Nonprofit Consultant

  • "... is quite simply one of the greatest fundraisers, marketers, and nonprofit leaders of all time. I can't recommend her highly enough!" ~ Rachel Muir, Nonprofit Consultant

  • "'... is a powerhouse communicator and fundraiser. She brought in hundreds (if not thousands!) of brand new donors... with innovative methods of asking for donations as well as... building long-term relationships." ~ Julia Campbell, Nonprofit Consultant

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